Rehab service for heart patients reaches out to Craven

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A rehabilitation service which helps patients with heart problems in the community has been extended to Craven.

The service, which is run by staff from the cardiac rehabilitation specialist nursing team at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, supports patients and their families following a heart attack, cardiac stenting or heart surgery.

Around 200 patients in the Craven area are expected to benefit from the service which includes a cardiac rehabilitation exercise programme.

Previously the exercise programme only took place in Keighley and Airedale Hospital but will now also be available in Skipton.

The programme, alongside cardiac rehabilitation exercise classes, helps patients self-manage their condition and provides support and education to enable them to reach their goals.

Nicola Drake, cardiac rehabilitation clinical lead at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We are so pleased to be able to offer our Craven patients this extra exercise programme to run alongside their treatment.

“We needed a defibrillator to be able to run the class in a safe environment for patients and the cardiac support group has generously donated one to us. We are extremely grateful for the donation and would like to thank the group for their kind and continued support.

“The new programme will make such a difference to the patients we see. Previously patients in Craven were invited to the exercise classes at Airedale Hospital and had telephone support, but now we are able to provide the service much closer to their homes, which will be a huge benefit to them and their rehabilitation.”

The team has also started a new programme which has been designed to help patients self-manage their condition.

The ‘Healthy Heart Programme” involves patients attending three educational sessions at Airedale Hospital to help them learn more about their condition.