Report suggests green bins could be phased out in areas of Leeds

A scheme making residents opt in to having a recycling bin could be rolled out across the city, a report has claimed.

Do you use your green bin?

The paper, set to go before a Leeds City Council committee this week, claims pilot schemes to withdraw green bins in Headingley and Harehills have been successful and that other areas of the city could soon be targeted.

It is hoped the changes will reduce the amount of contaminated recycling waste.

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The paper, set to go before Leeds City Council’s environment scrutiny committee stated: “There are areas in Leeds where bins left out on streets is a particular issue and yet recycling participation is persistently poor.

“Defined areas in Headingley and Harehills have been targeted for a withdrawal of the green bin collection service, with residents instead choosing to ‘opt in’ to the recycling collection service.

“This has been successful in delivering higher levels of uncontaminated recycling, and there are other areas of the city where this model may be appropriate.”

According to current policy, if a recycling bin is found to be persistently contaminated, and causes a nuisance, this can result in the removal of the bin.

The report also suggested introducing “communal” bin collections for large clusters of homes, such as high-rise flats.

It stated: “Analysis is also ongoing in areas not on alternate weekly collections, particularly in the inner city areas, to assess potential future refuse and recycling collection options.

“This may involve communal collection arrangements for particular clusters of properties or high-rise flats.”

The meeting follows a report in September, which showed 58,878 individual collections have been missed between June 2015 and August 2018.

The new report will go before members of the environment scrutiny committee on Wednesday, November 28.