Reshuffle fails to inspire hope of growth or common sense

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From: Graham Branston, Emmott Drive Rawdon.

DAVID Cameron seems to have disregarded the justified criticism from Labour and some Tory MPs that more should be done to restore economic growth. Remember, we are in a double dip recession.

It seems incredible that George Osborne remains as Chancellor of the Exchequer given his poor track record since being in office (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, September 5). It smacks of the old boy network and extremely weak leadership.

Although Ken Clarke isn’t every Tory’s cup of tea, in my view, his financial knowledge and experience should have been acknowledged by making him Chancellor. Jeremy Hunt’s promotion to Health Secretary is quite unbelievable, given the recent concerns about BSkyB bid.

From: Coun Dr Nader Fekri, Calder Ward, CMBC, Cheetham Street, Hebden Bridge.

THE Cabinet reshuffle and the subsequent lurch ever-rightwards of this government was so depressing on so many fronts.

Never mind David Laws and Jeremy Hunt, the addition that most sticks in the craw, however, is Chris Grayling, the new Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor. The first non-lawyer to hold the post for nigh-on five centuries.

This is the man who is one of the main authors of the savage “reforms” to disability & sickness benefits.

During the Parliamentary expenses scandal, he claimed thousands of pounds for a flat in Pimlico, close to the House of Commons, despite having a constituency home less than 17 miles away and owning two buy-to-let properties in Wimbledon.

Hmmm, one rule for them and one for those too ill or disabled to work. Maybe we should have had Atos disability assessors in charge of the MPs’ expenses?

So much for us all being in it together.

From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

The Prime Minister has decided to move many of his Ministers and MPs about in an attempt to show that something is being done to improve the economy, and amongst these “moves” is the recall of Liberal Democrat David Laws (Yorkshire Post, September 5).

He is to become the Minister for Schools. How can this possibly be justified and/or claimed as right and proper? David Laws was found guilty of gross misuse of his expenses claims.

In any other job, he would have been dismissed immediately. Our MPs continue to set a rotten example to this country and her people.

From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

I AM always astounded that one of the most important jobs in the country that can affect us all, apparently requires no previous experience – I am, of course, talking about that of being a government minister.

If you or I were to apply for a high-flying job we would be quizzed on our previous experience; our knowledge of the job involved, would need to provide evidence showing a successful track record in that role.

No way would a large company employ someone off the 
street with no qualifications 
or experience to perform a vital job, yet government when it has a cabinet reshuffle within its ranks does exactly that – in reality, just how absurd is this?

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

KEN Abson rightly points out (Yorkshire Post, September 4) that “common sense” only comes in the main with the benefit of years of experience. This was also touched on in that day’s Editorial as well. I think that there would be general agreement on that point of view.

Why therefore do we see – and indeed allow – so many career politicians within Westminster who have no outside experience whatever? These people are making big decisions on the running of our country.

No wonder so many of us despair at the lack of common sense so often involved.

There really does need to 
be a requirement of previous business experience before entering Parliament, for the benefit of us all.

At the moment there are 
far too many of these political animals in all the major parties. This needs to change.

From; David W Wright, Uppleby, Easingwold.

MEDIA and political pundits, plus David Cameron himself, are 
all claiming that the latest reshuffle of ministers makes 
the Government more right 

What poppycock! Cameron 
is simply surrounding himself with his middle-of-the-road cronies instead of taking the 
bull by the horns and ditching 
the Lib Dems who are not helping in keeping the unity of the Government.

Secondly he should appoint people who are prepared to 
put the UK foremost, before the EU, and campaign vigorously to leave the EU.