Residents' anger as council impose new parking restrictions on these road surrounding Doncaster Royal Infirmary

Council bosses have imposed new parking restrictions on several roads surrounding Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary

The new measures include single yellow lines on Beverley Road, Canterbury Road, Chelmsford Drive, Gloucester Road, Monmouth Road, Parkway South, Selby Road, Thorne Service Road and Winchester Avenue in Wheatley.

The restrictions would come into force between 10am and 3pm, Monday to Friday and will cost the council £4,200 to implement.

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Anyone parked on these lines during this time will be fined.

Local authority bosses claim the move will 'maintain the safe movements of vehicles and pedestrians'.

But residents living along the affected roads reacted angrily to the news and said the proposals were discriminatory to residents 'that do not work office hours' while others criticised the consultation process.

In a letter to council bosses, one resident said: "This will cause great problems. My 90-year-old mother who lives with us has two carers visiting three times a day.

"Parking restrictions would mean they would have no means of parking - they would run the risk of getting a ticket each time they call."

Another resident living on Canterbury Road said neighbours were 'under the impression' a 'parking permit scheme' would be implemented instead.

Council officers issued a survey to 185 households directly affected by the proposals. More than 90 per cent didn't respond, 11 households opposed the plan while seven supported it.

But bosses claimed '95 per cent supported' the scheme because officers 'agreed a none-response' would be received as the resident being 'in favour' of the parking proposals.

Andrew Low, an officer working within the regeneration and environment team, said: "Should the proposed parking restriction not be installed, it is highly likely that parking migration will occur from phase one of the parking scheme, thus increasing the potential hazards to road users and pedestrians that are associated with excessive on-street parking, as well as an increased inconvenience to local residents.

"While I appreciate the residential comments regarding parking their vehicle outside of their property, ultimately the primary purpose of the public highway is to maintain the safe movements of vehicles and pedestrians, and not for parking."

The decision was carried out by unelected council officers but cabinet member for Coun Joe Blackham and Wheatley Hills and Intake councillors, Eva Hughes, Jane Kidd and Paul Wray were consulted.

The decision was made on July 5 and was made public on July 18.