Residents driven round bend as town’s famous name spelt in roundabout way

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MOTORISTS in Pudsey, Leeds, have been driven to distraction after the name of their town was spelt incorrectly on a large road sign.

Drivers approaching the Wickes roundabout between Pudsey and Bramley have the option of taking the B6154 to “Pudesy” following a mix-up at the sign-makers.

The sign, which is at the junction of Gamble Hill Drive and Pudsey Road, will have to be replaced for the second time in three years after the mistake.

Google Street View images from June 2008 show the original sign for the busy roundabout with the correct spelling of Pudsey, which is known across the country for lending its name to Pudsey Bear, the mascot of the BBC’s annual Children In Need fundraising drive.

But this sign, which was covered in graffiti, was replaced with the existing one with the spelling mistake. However, Leeds City Council has said that the sign will be corrected.

A spokesman said: “There was an error made by the sign manufacturer that the contractor used.

“They have been made aware of it and we are hopeful that it will be replaced and corrected by the middle of January.”

Labour councillor for Pudsey, Josephine Jarosz, said: “The roundabout by Wickes is quite confusing as it is.” She added: “I think that the sign ought to be changed and a total review of all signs around the nearby area also needs to be done.”

The latest spelling embarrassment comes after Mayor of Doncaster Peter Davies was forced to apologise in February, when a series of signs warning of roadworks on the A630 Warmsworth Road heading into Doncaster town centre read: “When queing use both lanes.”