Residents in Kirklees will be told to pay to park outside their own homes

Residents on more than 100 streets in the region will soon have to pay to park outside their homes after council cabinet members gave the plan their backing.

Kirklees Council leader David Sheard. (D526F439)
Kirklees Council leader David Sheard. (D526F439)

Kirklees Council is set to introduce residents permits for people who already live in permit parking zones, which will cost £15.

Resident and visitor permits are being replaced by specific and open permits in February next year.

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All specific permits, which have vehicle details printed on, will last until the household changes its car.

The first open permit which is applied for will be free.

An additional open permit will cost £15 and are limited to 12 months.

The maximum number of open permits is two – one free and one charged.

Last year Kirklees Council proposed a £30 fee for permits but following strenous opposition the idea dropped at the budget stage

However, a further meeting this week, saw the cabinet taking the decision to back the scheme.

Coun David Sheard, council leader said: “If anbody wants to request to take their area out of the permit scheme it can be done if 60 per cent of residents in that area agree.

“There are 8,000 permits and only 40 objections to this order - lets put that in perspective.”

Currently there are 4,350 resident permits, 4,325 visitor permits, and 1,600 specific permits covering 160 parking zones.

Coun Sheard said: “There is no point in us having permits in areas if people don’t want them or they’re not working.”

The latest proposal was put out to public consultation and the Cabinet Local Issues panel heard from residents before ruling on it on Wednesday.

All households affected will be contacted ahead of the changes which come into force next February.

Kirklees is by no means the only council to charge residents for parking on their own street, with people living in certain areas of York charged £100 a year.