Residents left un-amoosed after herd of escaped cows invade quiet cul-de-sac

RESIDENTS in a quiet Yorkshire cul-de-sac were left with ruined gardens and cowpats outside their homes, after a herd of cows traipsed down the road.

The 30-strong group of animals left hoof prints six inches deep in some residents’ front lawns after escaping from a nearby field in Harrogate at around 6am.

Resident James Lee, 20, who filmed the cows from his house, said the animals were wandering around the street for five minutes before heading back to the field around a mile away.

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“When I heard the noise I first thought it was a family member in the house snoring, but then I took a look outside,” he added.

“It was a quite a confusing sight to wake up to, very odd and extremely surreal to see at that point in the morning.”

Paramedic Sara Skelton, 43, said a lot of damage has been done to surrounding gardens after the invasion on Sunday.

She said: “We have quite a big garden because it is on the corner and there are lots of hoof marks. It looks horrendous.

“You work really hard on the garden and these blooming things come along and ruin it.

“I couldn’t believe it when I came outside, I though I was dreaming or sleepwalking. There were cowpats on the street and mud across the road.

“I am absolutely fuming about it.”