Resort horrified by the dark side of Savile revokes freedom honour

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Jimmy Savile’s freedom of Scarborough was posthumously revoked yesterday by council bosses who said they were horrified by “the dark side” of “this very dishonourable man”.

The dead presenter’s name will now be struck from every council record and the removal from the town hall’s board of honour made permanent. It has never happened before.

The council voted last November to immediately strike Savile’s name from the roll of honour, but agreed to wait until the Metropolitan Police report before removing the honour of freeman bestowed seven years ago.

Yesterday Scarborough councillors voted for the immediate and permanent removal of the honour.

The move was proposed by Tory council leader Tom Fox who described Savile as “this very dishonourable man”.

Coun Fox, Scarborough’s retired police commander, made clear there had been no inkling of what Savile was really like during his years as a senior officer.

“When I got to know I was shocked, disgusted,” Coun Fox continued.

“But those who nominated and seconded him (as a freeman) have nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. They did it in good faith. On the face of it, he had done a lot for this borough.”

The decision came as the BBC released more details of its handling of the Savile case.

BBC bosses deny knowledge of ‘common gossip’: Page 8.