Revealed: Builders are most likely to win the lottery (with video)

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MILLIONAIRES from across Yorkshire who won a small fortune in the lottery gathered in Leeds as the luckiest professions were revealed.

The National Lottery has unveiled a list of the luckiest professions in terms of winners, with builders topping the list.

Lottery Winner Trish Emson from Rotherham, at the Kirkstall Abbey gathering in Leeds. Picture by Simon Hulme

Lottery Winner Trish Emson from Rotherham, at the Kirkstall Abbey gathering in Leeds. Picture by Simon Hulme

People in the trade have claimed more than £1.26bn since the National Lottery began 20 years ago – creating 331 millionaires.

In second place are drivers, with more than £750m and 193 millionaires being made.

Lorry driver David Long, from Scunthorpe, won not once but twice – scooping a £1m prize in 2013 and another £1m prize and a car in March this year.

Mr Long, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday in his local pub, said: “I’ve been told the odds of me winning twice were 283billion to one.

“I left my job but bought a new motorhome and we’re going out and about in the country. I still get that buzz from driving. I just love it.”

He added: “I still play the lottery now and again.”

Chefs are also big winners, with £340m given to 667 people.

Former cook Trish Emson, from Rotherham, scooped £1.7m with her lottery win in 2003, and joined Mr Long as they stepped back into their uniforms to celebrate the National Lottery’s news in Leeds.

Care and social work has racked up 102 millionaires, followed by teaching with 62 millionaires and farming with 27 millionaires.

Journalists and people working in the media industry have won big cash prizes too, creating 16 millionaires.

Andy Carter, senior winner liaison officer for Camelot, said: “Our advice to winners is to take their time. There’s no rush – don’t do anything in haste.

“Go away for a holiday, have some time to think and get some high quality financial advice.”

The National Lottery has given away over £54bn and created more than 3,800 millionaires since it started in 1994.

The figures have been compiled by the National Lottery’s secret winner database, which lists the job of every major winner.

1. Builders - 331 millionaires sharing £1.26bn

2. Drivers - 193 millionaires sharing £750m

3. Chefs - 667 millionaires sharing £340m

4. Care and social work - 102 millionaires

5. Teaching - 62 millionaires

6. Farming - 27 millionaires

7. Media -16 millionaires