Review: Dr Death and the Medi-Evil Medicine Show ***

Simon Watt is clearly a man who knows his stuff. One of the experts on Channel 4's Inside Nature's Giants, he's going solo for a new children's theatre show which promises to tell the history of medicine in one hour.

Holding the attention of children for 60 minutes is no mean feat, but Watt gives it his best shot, dressing up the scientifically and historically accurate facts with a few maggots, a jar of leeches and a little blood. He does occasionally struggle to keep the show moving along apace and it feels very much like a work in progress.

A talking rat provides much of the comedy and deserves more space in a show which could do with an injection of gags. Like the rest of the NHS, Watt's budget was clearly limited.

However, should someone want to invest in what could be a hit show for children, then Dr Death will be ready to see you at the next available appointment.

The Carriageworks, Leeds