Richard should rest in York or Westminster

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From: Councillor Andrew Carter, Leader of the Conservative Group, Leeds Civic Hall.

I HEARTILY agree with your Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, May 24) regarding Richard III’s final resting place. Pardon the pun but it really is adding “insult to injury” to say that King Richard III’s remains should be buried in Leicester.

To to be frank, Chris Grayling’s comments indicating his view that it was a waste of public money for his distant relatives to go to the High Court is unacceptable.

In my view they shouldn’t have needed to go to the High Court, as a former King of England his final resting place should have been either in Westminster Abbey or, and preferably, York Minster.

On one historical note, however, I would point out that King Richard III was not the last English king to do battle, he was the last English king to die in battle. The last English king to lead his army into battle was George II at the Battle of Dettingen. However the gist of your comments is absolutely correct. From what history tells us Richard III was a military leader of considerable significance as well as a king and he deserves to be accorded the appropriate final resting place and that is certainly not Leicester.