RIP Toys R Us - How many of these top 90s toys do you remember?

With Toys R Us annoucing the closure of 100 UK stores it seems the golden era of toys may be long gone and while high-tech gadgetry may now be the must-have items of today, the 90s proved sometimes the simpler things in life are the most fun.

The Furby which featured at the Toy '98 showcase of top toys for this Christmas, in London today (Wednesday). The Furby is just over six inches tall and retails at £29.99. It has its own language of chirps, cheeps and chirrups and comes complete with an English-Furby dictionary for its 200-words and 800 phrases which include 'a-tay' for 'I'm hungry' and 'way-loh' for sleep. Photo by Matthew Fearn.

Fom virtual pets and collectable teddies, to must-have dolls, these popular retro toys were well worth pouring over the Argos catalogue for - how many do you remember?

Check out our gallery of the top 90s toys.

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Nationwide toy shop Toys R Us went into administration at the end of last month, but what does that mean for employees and shoppers?

Here’s everything you need to know about the company’s insolvency.

When did Toys R Us go into administration?

The UK division of Toys R Us officially went into administration on 28 February 2018.

The announcement came after the company had already made plans to close 25 of its 106 stores across the country this spring.

On 2 March it was announced that the majority of Toys R Us branches in the UK will close down, possibly without any notice. It has since been revealed that all stores will cease trading within the next six weeks, after attempts to find a buyer have failed.

How many jobs are at risk?

It has been reported that 3,200 jobs are in jeopardy as a result of imminent store closures.

Will there be a sale? A huge clearance sale has been announced, with many toys at 25 per cent off their usual price in stores.

Can I still use Toys R Us gift cards?

The businesses are no longer accepting gift cards – the last day to spend them was Sunday 11 March.

Can I still shop online?

Trading will continue as normal online until further notice.

Toys R Us have stated that all existing orders will be fulfilled, subject to stock availability.

Can I refund or exchange past purchases? The company have clearly stated that no exchanges for non-faulty items will be given, and they are unable to grant refunds.