Road chiefs to look at roundabout concerns

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Representatives of the Highways Agency will be in Hull today to hear concerns over safety on a major roundabout on the main A63 to the port.

Ward councillor Adam Williams arranged the meeting after carrying out a survey of residents and staff at businesses who use the Garrison Road roundabout.

“Nearly 200 people have responded to the survey,” said Coun Williams, who represents the Drypool ward for the Liberal Democrats.

“The vast majority feel that the roundabout is less safe now than it was before the Highways Agency installed traffic lights a few years ago.”

The Highways Agency carried out its own study of the roundabout, which concluded that safety in the area had improved. But this was based only on one year’s data after the roundabout opened.

Coun Williams said the main issue was for people travelling from Myton Bridge and turning right. Drivers trying to come out of Victoria Dock estate also face problems, but Coun Williams said the agency was not prepared to put in yellow boxes.

Coun Williams said: “Over 80 per cent of people have said that the roundabout is more dangerous now, turning right onto Victoria Dock from Myton Bridge.

“When the lights change to red there is only room for three cars and if there’s a fourth car or large vehicle, the next car along ends up sticking out into the flow of traffic. Anecdotally people have witnessed many near misses.

“The agency is not going to do anything overnight, but I want it to be aware it is still an issue and local people are concerned and don’t feel it is as safe as is suggested.”

The Highways Agency said officials we re “working closely with local residents and officials to resolve congestion and road safety issues around the Garrison Road roundabout”, and added: “This will contribute to ongoing work on the operation and maintenance of this route.”