RSPCA reveals its top 10 rescues of 2016 - including a surprised snake in York

A snake stuck in a vacuum cleaner and a gull that fell into a vat of curry are among this year's most memorable animal rescues, according to the RSPCA.

The snake who was found in a vacuum cleaner in York (Photo: RSPCA/PA)

The charity has drawn up a hall of fame of its top 10 animal rescues of 2016, looking back at some of its most unusual call-outs of the year. They range from the harrowing - a horse with its legs stuck on either ends of a footbridge - to the bizarre, a cat in the post, and the downright daft ... a sheep with a traffic cone stuck on its head.

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The bird that fell into a curry (Photo: RSPCA/PA)
The bird that fell into a curry (Photo: RSPCA/PA)