Samaritans in safety scare after crash

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SAMARITANS have expressed growing fears over the safety of volunteers after a fourth car smashed into the charity’s Scarborough branch in just three years.

The front of the Samaritans House, on Trafalgar Street West, was badly damaged after a vehicle skidded on ice and rammed into the building on Thursday night after heavy snow hit the seaside resort.

Two doors have been mangled in the smash so callers cannot get into the premises until repairs are carried out.

Staff at the centre are now stepping up their fight to have traffic safety measures installed outside the building and have called on North Yorkshire County Council to take action after a previous request was turned down.

A spokeswoman for the branch said: “Samaritans were on duty last night when a loud crash was heard and once again a vehicle had collided with our building.

“In 2010 one vehicle collided with the building and in 2011 two crashed into the building on the same night – and now one so far this year.

“Again it was a vehicle travelling down Barwick Street which was unable to stop at the junction due to ice on the road.

“We are concerned about the safety of our volunteers working in the centre, we are concerned for pedestrians and also for motorists.

“To this end we have previously applied to the county council for bollards to be put in the footpath similar to the ones at the other end of Barwick Terrace but this request has been turned down. We have now made a further request to the council and are awaiting their response.”

Nick West, North Yorkshire County Council area manager, said the authority was investigating the incident.

“I’m sure we can work with them to find a solution and resolve this issue,” he said.