Save money by leaving bin times alone

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From: David Butcher, Barnsley.

SINCE the introduction of waste recycling and general waste collection on the alternate week in Barnsley, there have been a number of letters of complaint about the service (Yorkshire Post, February 4).

Many of the complainants, appear to experience difficulty in understanding the concept of recycling and the reasons for doing it, or find it all too tedious.

Perhaps I am doing something wrong since, I believe that the council is carrying out an essential process which it has contrived to make as rational and as simple as possible.

Not only should the process have been put in place many years ago it should, if anything, be improved upon. When I have read my newspaper I simply put it into the blue bin, if I have a glass bottle, plastic container or tin can I put it into the green box, if I have any cardboard or green garden waste I put it into the green bin. Other waste is put in the black bin – what could be simpler?

If Eric Pickles has got some money burning a hole in his pocket and he wants to make a name for himself, I would suggest he does so by spending it on measures to eradicate – yes eradicate – littering and dumping.

Then if he has any money left, make a start on cleaning up the litter, rubbish and other eyesores that are strewn beside our roads and railway networks. Now what a legacy that would be Mr Pickles – that really would be an achievement worth telling your grandchildren about.

From: Barrie Frost, Watson’s Lane, Reighton, Filey

At the present time when Britain is wallowing in horrendous debt, why does Communities and Local Government Secretary, Eric Pickles, want to spend £250m on reinstating weekly household bin collections?

Most councils empty household bins on a rota system. Our local authority, Scarborough Council, collects the household waste one week and recyclable items together with garden waste the following week, and the system is perfect.

To return to previous arrangements would not produce any benefits and would simply throw more taxpayers’ money away.

Few people wish to alter this system and, I believe, not a single Yorkshire council wants to change it, but, it seems, MPs have so few responsibilities and duties remaining, after they themselves have given them to Brussels, that they have to dream up new ways of justifying their perceived importance.

From: J W Slack, Swinston Hill Road, Dinnington, Sheffield.

REGARDING Tom Richmond’s column, I am sorry that the leader of Rotherham Council was less than co-operative in response to questions concerning weekly bin collections (Yorkshire Post, February 4). In doing so, he failed miserably to give support to his excellent team of workers who, on a fortnightly basis, collect normal bin waste but in the intervening week collect green waste, cardboard, tins, bottles, newspapers, shredded paper, foil and textiles.

I can only presume that we don’t need help from the coalition and I find both the service and the personnel who do the job in all sorts of weather excellent and cheerful.

I’m afraid he missed an opportunity to promote Rotherham so I will do it for him.

Backing for Archbishop

From: L V Sheridan, Larchfield, Stockton Lane, York.

I SUPPORT Dr John Sentamu absolutely. The vitriolic emails sent to him regarding his statement that marriage must remain a union between a man and a woman is a response from a group of individuals who are themselves bigoted and intolerant (Yorkshire Post, February 7).

They ask for equality, but they already have the right to form civil partnerships. What fundamental difference is there between a civil partnership and the state of marriage? The matter of inheritance of goods and chattels is easily be overcome by the making of joint wills. Fanaticism is another name for self-doubt.

From: John Gordon, Whitcliffe Lane, Ripon.

AS there are millions of male-female relationships that have never seen the inside of a church, why do homosexual relationships need to be sanctified by marriage?

If Redknapp had studied...

From: Gerry Vickers, Poole Lane, Burton Salmon, Leeds.

BY his own admission, Harry Redknapp has difficulty writing and can’t spell.

Despite this, his team is doing well. He has proved to be a good talent spotter, a leader and motivator of men and a skilled football tactician.

It has even been suggested that he should be the next manager of England.

It occurs to me that if only Harry had received a better education in his younger days he could, by now, be getting paid almost as much as Wayne Rooney.