Scam warning: Drivers pretend to run out of petrol and sell fake gold on Yorkshire roadside

A scam in West Yorkshire which involves people flagging down motorists and selling 'gold' on the roadside for petrol money has led to a police warning.

West Yorkshire Police says it has had a call about the scam today (Sunday).

The force said: "We've had a call in today about people trying to flag down motorists on Manchester Road, Marsden (near The Olive Branch).

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"We've since had further calls from the Emley area about the same thing.

West Yorkshire Police is warning people about the scam

"These people say they have run out of petrol and need to go home. They don't have any money but will sell their gold jewellery for petrol money....

"This is a scam - DO NOT stop for them, DO NOT engage with them, DO NOT give them any money, DO NOT buy anything from them.

"This technique has been used all over the country and has unfortunately left many victims out of pocket."

It is not known if the scammers have also targeted other areas in Yorkshire too. If you meet them, report the scam to police on 101.

West Yorkshire Police is warning people about the scam