Scares don’t change the case against fracking

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From: Robert Reynolds, West Bank, Batley, West Yorkshire.

IT really was inevitable that the pro-fracking fraternity would use scare stories to support their cause.

And so we have “Mad Vlad” Putin trying to turn the clock back to the glory years of the Soviet Union (The Yorkshire Post, March 11). Woe! We must become energy independent of the Russians! Get fracking now! Or the prices will go up when they switch off the gas.

This argument is ridiculous and false.

First, only one percent of our gas supplies comes from Putin and his gangsters.

Second, the price will be dictated not by Putin in Moscow, but by the energy speculators in London.

Third, we can resource our own energy supplies quite easily.

I really loved the story concerning the American CEO of Exxon Mobil. This man has touted fracking throughout America.

However, when someone wanted to build a site at the bottom of his 300-acre ranch, he’s opposed it!

Let’s be fair. If you want to wreck Yorkshire’s countryside, come and do it.

But you and your board of directors must live on the site and drink the groundwater from it, daily.

Any takers?