Scheme to build 104 homes backed amid row

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A Controversial bid to build more than 100 homes in Bradford has won council officers’ backing despite a wave of opposition.

Skipton Properties wants permission for 104 houses on land off Ryedale Way, Allerton.

Sandy Lane Parish Council is against the scheme but members of Bradford Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee will be advised to back the development when they meet on Thursday.

Members of the parish council fear the local education and health capacity is inadequate to meet the increased demand from the new homes. It has also raised concerns about the impact on wildlife.

Coun Bev Porter, chair of Sandy Lane Parish Council, said: “There was a meeting regarding this attended by the agents and there was no one there in support of it except for the agents. I have had emails coming into me. People are extremely concerned – they do not want this development here.

“We have one first school in Sandy Lane and it is full of pre- fabricated buildings. The school was built a long time ago and
the playground has had to
absorb more and more pre-fabricated classrooms to accommodate the children who are in there.”

A total of 56 people have written to Bradford Council objecting to the scheme. Critics have raised fears about traffic and pedestrian safety and claim the development will have an adverse effect on wildlife.

They also fear it will result in a loss of privacy and residential amenity.

A report to be considered by councillors says that the primary schools which are readily accessible from the development are overcrowded and warns that current capacity in these primary schools is being exceeded in some year groups.

It says that future forecasts show an increasing pupil population.

But the report also says: “The proposed housing at Ryedale Way would represent a sustainable form of development. Its economic benefits, including job
creation, the New Homes Bonus, and expenditure in the local economy, carry significant weight.”

It points out that Bradford has “experienced such a sizeable and persistent under delivery of housing in recent years, which amounts to a backlog of over 5,000 units since 2008/9.”

The report says: “It is also clear that unless sites such as that at Ryedale Way are successfully implemented and brought to the market this under supply will not only remain unmet but will also grow significantly worse. This in turn will have severe impact on the prospects for regeneration in the district and will exacerbate existing and growing problems of overcrowding and long waiting lists for social housing which already exist in part of the district.”

The proposal includes 10 affordable two-bed houses and six affordable three-bed houses.

Skipton Properties has agreed to a contribution of £435,254 towards primary and secondary education facilities.