School put death on web before father was told

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A public school mistakenly believed that a father had already been told about his son’s death before it posted an announcement online.

William Avery-Wright, 13, died after being run over outside Worth School near Crawley, West Sussex, in November 2011.

Christopher Avery-Wright, was contacted but only told that his son had been injured. However, as he was being driven by police to hospital, he received phone messages of condolence from people who read about the death on the school website. William’s mother, Lisa, was already at the hospital but she was advised not to break the news of his death to Mr Avery-Wright until he was there too.

The Roman Catholic school said in a statement: “What was published on the day of the accident was done in good faith and in the belief that William’s parents had been informed of his death.”

The couple are now suing the school for alleged failings in its duty of care to William.