Schoolboy convicted of stabbing to death teenage father of two

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A SCHOOLBOY who killed an older teenager by stabbing him in the heart with a kitchen knife was yesterday convicted of manslaughter.

The 15-year-old attacker, now aged 16, had earlier packed a knife in his lunchbox and took it to school before the pair met up later and began arguing in the street.

They were described by witnesses as pushing each other “like stags” before the fatal incident.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the 15-year-old produced a knife from his sleeve and twice stabbed 18-year-old Joey Smith, with one blow entering his heart.

A friend told the court that the younger boy armed himself because: “He said there was a lad who was picking on him, just bullying him and giving him a hard time.”

Prosecutor Michelle Colborne QC told the jury: “He claimed he was always starting on him.

“He was going to give him a couple of stabs in the leg. He wanted to show him who was who.”

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted the manslaughter of Joey Smith at Moorends in Doncaster in March this year but denied his murder.

He was founds not guilty or murder but convicted of manslaughter.

Mr Smith, who was unemployed, had a daughter, and his girlfriend Hayley Webster later gave birth to their second child.

Miss Colborne told the jury Mr Smith, who was unarmed, was struck twice with the knife.

The blow which entered his heart led to a “very speedy death”.

She said the boys had argued earlier in the day and the schoolboy threatened to knife Mr Smith.

The 15-year-old returned home, having dumped the knife he took to school, and armed himself with a steak knife from the kitchen which he used in the attack.

The teenager will be sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court next month.