Sean Bean at Royal Armouries for Waterloo programme

Sean Bean on a visit to the Royal Armouries, Leeds
Sean Bean on a visit to the Royal Armouries, Leeds
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YORKSHIRE actor Sean Bean paid a visit to the Royal Armouries to film for a forthcoming documentary on the Battle of Waterloo.

Mr Bean was shown Napoleonic objects from the Royal Armouries collection and spoke to expert curators about the battle during his visit to Leeds.

The documentary, to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle, will also feature the actor witnessing the cavalry tactics used and firing a black-powder rifle of the type carried by soldiers in 1815.

One of his biggest roles was the eponymous hero Sharpe in the popular TV series based on novels set during the Napoleonic wars which concluded with Sharpe fighting at Waterloo.

Mr Bean said: “Ever since I’ve played Sharpe, I’ve been fascinated by the story of Waterloo, especially the ordinary soldiers. It’s been interesting; I’ve been able to step out of my ordinary life and just learn a bit more.

“Even though all this happened 200 years ago, I think it’s a story that needs to be remembered. The people were just like you and me.”

The documentary, Sean Bean on Waterloo, will be broadcast later this month on the History Channel.

The Royal Armouries will also be hosting a series of events to mark the bicentenary of one of the most significant moments in British military history.

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