Search is on for images which best capture Pennines' unique outlook

IT is an area that has inspired artists and photographers for generations, and the stunning images of the south Pennines that were captured on camera last year have set in motion a search for more.

THROUGH THE LENS: The Trinnacle by Charles Pollit.
THROUGH THE LENS: The Trinnacle by Charles Pollit.

Pennine Prospects, a regeneration organisation that represents six local authorities, says the photography competition it ran last year was so successful it will be rerun this summer, with free entry for amateurs and professionals. Winners will see their work on greetings cards and in a touring exhibition.

The south Pennines, centred on Hebden Bridge and extending north to Ilkley and west beyond the Lancashire border, is at the centre of a tourism and cultural drive, with Hebden Bridge described by The Times as “the coolest place to live” and the village of Marsden receiving national acclaim for its jazz and poetry festivals.

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Adele Adams, organiser of the photography competition, said judges were looking for pictures that demonstrated the area’s diversity – whether its industrial heritage or rugged moorland.

She said: “This competition is all about celebrating everything we have in the south Pennines.

“Photographs will be used to promote the area, to help raise awareness of the area’s beauty and unique charms, and the photographer will be credited for any photographs used – helping to publicise the area and the photographer at the same time.”

The 80 entries last year, some of which were used on a calendar, were contributed by photographers from across the region and one who had travelled from Crystal Lake in the US state of Illinois.

Sir Gary Verity, chief executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, who supported the competition, said the pictures captured “the dramatic life and landscape of the south Pennines”, and were “a true celebration of the area’s natural beauty and valuable heritage, which we will continue to work in partnership to cherish and protect for the enjoyment and inspiration of generations to come.”