Secret hit list of four-time murderer Scribbled notes show he planned to claim more victims

Olwen Dudgeon QUADRUPLE murderer Mark Hobson had a hit list of more deaths planned before he struck four times in an eight-day orgy of violence, killing his girlfriend, her twin sister and an elderly couple.

Scribbled notes found at the home he shared with his first victim, Claire Sanderson, showed he intended her as bait to lure her sister Diane into his clutches to "use and abuse at will".

Hobson had told a workmate he wanted to "have" Diane because he had decided he had picked the wrong sister.

But his evil plans did not end with her death. He wrote "disable all" on a different note containing other names and references to the twins' parents, George and Jacqueline Sanderson, suggesting he had targeted them as well.

Paul Worsley QC, prosecuting, told Leeds Crown Court yesterday the notes made "chilling reading" and may have referred to a plan to go to the couple's home pretending to borrow a battery charger and kill them too, "George in the garage and Jackie in the house".

The court heard Hobson did murder Claire Sanderson as planned last July 10, repeatedly hitting her with a hammer before suffocating her, but her twin was away that weekend with her boyfriend, forcing him to delay his murderous plot .

After hiding his girlfriend's decomposing body in bin liners in their bedroom for a week, he finally tricked Diane, 27, to their home in Camblesforth, near Selby, where he "hog-tied" her hands and feet and subjected her to a "macabre and bizarre" sex assault before killing her and going to the pub.

Diane's boyfriend Ian Harrison visited the maisonette unaware the two bodies were upstairs, even though he sat on a bloodstained sofa.

Hobson then lied about the girls' absence, pretending their father had suddenly died of a heart attack, but knew it was only a matter of time before they were found. After lying to his mother Sandra by pretending they had been in a road accident, he got her to drive him to hospital in York.

The next morning, having failed to break into a house in Huntington, he entered the Strensall home of pens-ioners James and Joan Britton, so frail according to their GP they could have been knocked over with "a feather".

Hobson used Mr Britton's own walking stick to batter him on the head before stabbing him in the back with a kitchen knife taken with him from Camblesforth. After wiping the blade clean he attacked helpless Mrs Britton, 81, who was only seven-and-a-half stone and used a walking frame.

She too was struck over the head with the stick and stabbed so forcefully the knife went right through her body, the handle only breaking off as she hit the floor.

Mr Worsley said shoe boxes had been searched in a wardrobe, suggesting Hobson had looked for valuables. It was not clear whether the pensioners had disturbed him, or whether, finding nothing, he had tried to make Mr Britton, 80, say where their money and valuables were before turning to his wife.

Fingerprints linked Hobson to the murders. He was eventually caught after living rough near Shipton-by-Beningbrough, with another kitchen knife taken from the Brittons' home.

Hobson, 35, a former binman and handyman, admitted all four murders. Sentence was adjourned until May 27 or later after his defence asked for time for a psychiatric report.

Some of the victims' relatives hugged each other and wept as they heard the terrible details of Hobson's crimes outlined.

Mr Worsley said the distraught Mr Sanderson and Diane's boyfriend Mr Harrison found the twins' bodies.

Hobson had washed them. Claire had been wrapped in bin liners after being smothered with a bag over her head. Diane's naked and bruised body lay nearby.

Cocaine and other drugs were found in the house.

Police also found Hobson had written a shopping list on the back of a bus timetable. Some of the items were intended for his attack on Diane; others to try and deal with the smell and flies following Claire's death.

Hobson had made calls to sex chatlines, homosexual and straight, in the weeks before Claire's murder. He even left adverts, saying he was single with a zest for life and "up for anything" with any age from 18 to 65.

Trauma that left grieving father suicidal

Olwen Dudgeon

THE father of murdered twins Diane and Claire Sanderson was driven to attempt suicide after the harrowing discovery of their bodies and the trauma of their violent deaths.

George Sanderson told of not being able to get out of his mind the way he found them "robbed of their lives and their dignity."

Since then, he said: "I cannot say I am living, just existing day to day, waiting for justice to be done."

Victim impact statements read to the court after Mark Hobson's guilty pleas included one from the family doctor of Mr Sanderson and his wife Jacqueline, describing how both were on medication, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

The GP said Mr Sanderson's mental health had deteriorated after the murder of the twins, resulting in him taking an overdose on December 12 last year, two days after an adjournment in Hobson's case.

"Losing our beautiful twin girls is something we will never get over," the couple said after court yesterday. "They were our life, the reason we lived and worked. Now they are gone we have nothing. They came into this world together and left it so tragically together."

Mr Sanderson stressed he did not want Hobson ever to be released and urged the court to use its full powers in sentencing him.

He said the horror of the deaths had initially driven him and his wife apart but they were now coming through it. He had left his job as an engineer and believed he would never work again.

Mrs Sanderson was too devastated to make an impact statement, saying: "It hurts far too much."

Diane's boyfriend Ian Harrison, who also found the bodies, described hating Hobson "with a vengeance."

He spent six months in counselling but was still depressed and suffered nightmares.