Security: May calls for global terrorism response

AN EFFECTIVE global response is needed to protect the UK's values from terrorism and other threats, Home Secretary Theresa May said yesterday.

Mrs May highlighted the importance of cooperation with the United States over security issues after meeting her US counterpart Janet Napolitano for private talks in London.

It comes after Scotland Yard said a bomb found on a cargo plane at East Midlands Airport in October was timed to detonate over the eastern seaboard of the US.

The pair talked about a range of issues, including cyber, cargo and aviation security, officials said.

Mrs May also outlined plans for the future of the UK's counter-terrorism powers, which were published earlier this week.

They include replacing controversial control orders for suspected terrorists who cannot be prosecuted with terrorism prevention and investigation measures, which have been dubbed "control orders-lite" by critics.

Other proposals include ending the indiscriminate use of terrorism stop-and-search powers, banning councils from using surveillance powers to investigate low level offences and launching a stronger effort to deport foreign nationals involved in terrorist activity.

This week also saw the end of 28-day detention without charge, which was allowed to lapse back to 14 hours on Tuesday.

Mrs May said: "The UK-US relationship is incredibly important to both our countries and I was delighted to meet with Secretary Napolitano this afternoon to reaffirm our shared purpose, in particular around tackling the security issues we face.

"We agreed that global threats require an effective global response.

"Only by working together, and in close cooperation with our international partners, can we protect the freedoms and values we share."