Selfies at horror scene a symptom of today’s selfishness

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From: AW Clarke, Wold Croft, Sutton on Derwent, York.

I SPENT a happy day wrapping Christmas present parcels on Monday. When I finished I switched on the television to hear the news. The first item was the dreadful case in Sydney about the so-called Jihadist who held people hostage in a café.

A shocking situation in which some people died. During the report, there was a comment that the police had had to deter people from taking ‘selfies’ at the scene.

Later there was a piece about a man who had been murdered in this country after a minor dispute with some teenagers. A passing person was interviewed and suggested that there was not enough for young people to do in the area.

One has to assume that the lady in question thought that table tennis or football would have prevented the horror.

Shortly afterwards, we were told about the problem that had caused various goods to be priced at a penny each online and a young man proudly announced that he had managed to order some £6,000 worth of goods. I do not think that he actually needed or wanted most of them, but his avaricious nature knew no bounds.

The item also referred to the delightful sight of ghastly people fighting over televisions during the sales.

I switched off the television at that point and fell to thinking that the world is becoming a very selfish place and I am sure that during the period of deprivation experienced by so many of your older readers during and after the last war we were a much kinder and less self- obsessed race.

Having said all this, I live in hope that there are still many good and decent people in the world and that they will 

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

YOUR correspondent Trev Bromby is right when he says that Tony Blair along with George W Bush junior is the bloodlettter in the second Gulf War and the resultant mess the Middle East has become (The Yorkshire Post, December 15).

The first Gulf War was justified in that Saddam Hussein had no right to invade Kuwait to take their oil but the second was started by Blair telling Parliament about Saddam having weapons of mass destruction which could be launched within 45 minutes. The incompetent George W Bush and the snivelling Blair tried to be the statesmen – neither had the capability to seriously consider themselves so.

Both are no doubt basking in their ill-gotten gains.