Sentencing delay for dealer who cut mileage on vans

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A vehicle dealer who made in excess of £100,000 after wiping millions of miles off the clocks of more than 100 vans has had his sentencing delayed.

Maxwell Stuart Alvey, 50, was due to be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday after admitting 10 counts of fraud at an earlier hearing.

But the judge, John Milmo QC, adjourned sentencing until June 22 for further reports.

Alvey, of Gedling Road in Arnold, Notts, bought the vans at auction and tampered with their mileage between August 2009 and June 2010 in an attempt to increase their value, Nottinghamshire County Council said.

Trading Standards officers from the council, who investigated the case, estimate that Alvey profited by well over £100,000 in 10 months from buying the high-mileage vehicles at auction, clocking them and then selling them on to unsuspecting businesses.

His then-partner, Jane Louise Starbrook, was cleared of any involvement at an earlier hearing.

Trading Standards officers launched their investigation after receiving a number of complaints that vehicles bought from Alvey’s company, Premier Van Centre, were showing an unusual amount of wear and tear for their mileage.

Trading Standards officers then cross-referenced the genuine mileage of the vehicles from auction house records with milometer readings in the vans and advertisements placed by Alvey.

Unsuspecting new owners of the vehicles were traced through sales invoices found at Queen Ann Manor in Lime Lane, Arnold, where Alvey’s operation was based. Victims were spread throughout the country.

Trading Standards officers sifted through documents and sales records relating to 123 vehicles, 111 of which had already been sold. The remaining 12 vehicles found in Alvey’s possession were seized. Only four of the 123 vehicles had not had their milometer readings altered.

In total, 22 of the vehicles had milometer readings reduced by 100,000 miles or more.