September 11: Discarded rubber bands stretch patience with postmen

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From: John Pickering, Horsforth.

HAS anyone else noticed the plethora of rubber bands indiscriminately discarded by postmen on our footpaths?

I’m sick and tired of picking these up every time I set foot outside my house.

Apart from the obvious danger to wildlife and disgraceful waste of resources, surely this is a serious littering offence?

Instead of increasing the 
cost of postage, perhaps Royal Mail shoud consider saving money by asking their 
operatives to put the offending items back into their pockets and returning them to the Sorting Office?

From: Edward Grainger, Botany Way, Nunthorpe.

WHAT, I wonder, would Mrs Thatcher have made of Sir Bernard Ingham’s latest tirade (The Yorkshire Post, September 2) about the unacceptable way in which our publicity utilities serve their often frustrated customers?

Is this one of Mrs Thatcher’s most loyal servants having a conversion on the road to Damascus? If so, I’m sure many of us will sympathise with many of his sentiments.