September 4: Leeds was shortchanged by government over transport

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From: Roger Backhouse, Upper Poppleton, York.

SORRY to disappoint Ralph Middlebrook (The Yorkshire Post, September 1), Leeds could have had a tram system to rival Nottingham but the Department for Transport rejected its bid to have a tram system again.

Leeds City Council and partners did all they could, but the ways of central Government and particularly the Department forTransport are often a mystery. While lecturing local authorities on inefficiency, they are always ready to waste the time and money of others.

I’m just old enough to remember riding a tram out to Temple Newsam, a great experience on the reserved tram tracks Leeds had. Meanwhile, a new cycleway sounds an excellent idea.

Let’s hope a future government sees sense to allow Leeds and other authorities to build the urban transport systems they need to prosper. And while they’re about it, halt the appalling cuts forcing councils to slash rural bus services.

From: Coun Tim Mickleburgh (Lab), Grimsby.

ARE buses the only form of travel that have become slower over the years? Partly it is due to more traffic on the roads, and extra sets of traffic lights. But companies are their own worst enemy when they introduce detours that make the journey longer. Also, the abolition of bus conductors has extended considerably the time taken to get on and off the bus. If the Government wants to boost public transport, it would make more sense to subsidise the return of conductors than to spend millions on schemes that invariably only benefit Londoners.

From: Iain Morris, Saltaire.

IS there any other city or authority the size of Bradford which has been relegated to playing second fiddle to another city? I first came to Bradford in 1954 as a seven-year-old and have lived here ever since. Being part of a Leeds City Region is the last thing we deserve.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

WHY should anyone trust Leeds Council with major infrastructure projects? Look at the mess they’re making of the A65. The bus lane lights on the Kirkstall Road are programmed to allow cyclists to take preference over cars. Not only have the improvements to the Horsforth roundabout over-run, but the changes look like they will create even longer hold-ups.

Shouldn’t the council leave such matters to the experts?