September 5: How will the UK finance this influx of asylum seekers?

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From: Karl Sheridan, Selby Road, Holme on Spalding Moor.

IT’S all very well Alex Salmond trying to score political brownie points by accusing David Cameron of letting the UK down by refusing to take hundreds of thousands of migrants but the question still remains as to where is the money coming from to support them; where will the required housing be coming from, not to mention employment, and more to the point the availability of teachers to teach them English so they can integrate and actually get a job.

Having personally experienced the Asian takeover of areas of Birmingham, where a vast majority of migrants still cannot speak English after many years residency, I can foresee a similar situation arising in various areas here if we allow open borders. Maybe a solution would be to ship the migrants up to Scotland where there is plenty of space, and according to Salmond plenty of work and opportunity.

Realistically, compared to other EU countries, the UK is a small country already straining at the seams with people all requiring somewhere to live, somewhere to work and a high expectation of good free healthcare – we just cannot carry on digging into the country’s funds that are already struggling to cope with the problems we already have without the addition of an inflow of people all having a perception of finally landing on our shores only to rewarded with everything on a plate.

The comparison of the Second World War with the Kinderchildren coming here and the fact of us giving asylum to those souls the Nazis were persecuting, bears no relation in numbers to the current situation – yes, one does have sympathy, but as we all know a ship can only take on a limited number before it risks sinking, in which case everyone dies rather than a few.

From: Jean Lorriman, Penistone Road, Waterloo,. Huddersfield.

WHO cannot fail to be moved by the pitiful and distressing images of young children being carried ashore dead in the arms of policemen? They were asylum seekers fleeing evil regimes in Syria. They must be helped and economic migrants from EU should take a back seat. For pity’s sake let us help these children and their families. Once we led the way, now we must follow.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

WHILST I have great sympathy with the migrants from Syria and Afghanistan risking their lives to get to Europe, I can’t help thinking that the silence on the subject we are getting from the United States is extremely telling. After all, it is George W Bush’s administration with co-operation from Tony Blair and his cronies who caused the destabilisation of the Middle East, allowing extreme factions to emerge and thrive. Surely the USA has a part to play in the solution of the crisis?

From: Dominic M’Benga, Florent Court, Pocklington.

I AM disgusted by our Government’s stance on the refugee crisis. We are not talking about migrants, we are talking about refugees trying to escape danger that are dying in many hundreds on the coast of Europe.

From: J G Riseley, Harcourt Drive, Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

IT is disingenuous for Angela Merkel to suggest that the issue on migrants is one of sharing out the hundreds of thousands currently making their way towards or across Europe.

Anything resembling a favourable outcome for those migrants will result in the flow continuing and expanding to bring in tens of millions of people. We can provide safety, food, shelter and warmth. But it is imperative that the migrants’ time in Europe is spent in entirely fruitless internment, even though it may appear cheaper in the short term to let them work. We must resist the demand of the migrants and their woolly-minded liberal supporters. Even settlement in Germany alone cannot be acceptable to us. It would reach unsustainable levels, it would displace others towards us and those migrants and their children will be free to follow once they have citizenship.

From: Les Arnott, Athelstan Road, Sheffield, SouthYorkshire.

WHY are the hordes at Calais now being referred to as ‘migrants’ when they are actually would-be ‘illegal immigrants’? Nor are they ‘refugees’ as these would stay in the first safe nation after escape.

Let us not forget the very liberal David Blunkett stated 90 per cent of refugees were bogus!

From: Helga Cline, Ella Park, Hull.

OUR country has been built on people coming over from foreign lands since time immemorial. Many of them were refugees from other countries including Uganda and Asia. Although we are no longer an Empire, we owe it to those countries influenced by our past to aid their future.

The overseas foreign aid is obviously not working – or if it is we haven’t been told specifically how much it helps and I think the general consensus is that much of the money lines the pockets of foreign officials. I think we need a rethink on this urgently.

From: D Wood, Howden, East Yorkshire.

CONGRATULATIONS to John Sheen for his letter on our membership of the German dictatorship known as the EU (The Yorkshire Post, August 28).

The EU has no intention of even trying to stop the mass flow of immigrants into the UK. It is a major part of their plan to destroy Britain by diluting the indigenous population. This must be done sot the Germans can completely run Europe. The referendum will be the most important vote you will ever make, we must vote ‘no’ to the EU or our country is finished.