September 7: The serious realities of immigration to UK

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From: Dr Ian Firth, Busker Lane, Skelmanthorpe, Huddersfield.

EVERYONE will accept that the refugee crisis in Europe has to be addressed. However, politicians and leaders of the Church are not facing up to the serious realities of allowing mass migration to the UK.

The British people are extremely benevolent and patient when it comes to supporting those in need, but these idiotic ideas of accepting increasing numbers from Syria and other countries in the Middle East beggar belief.

As a country, we are already supporting financially many foreign countries, including Syria, to provide them with better facilities for self-determination.

Far better that we continue to put our resources into providing better facilities for them in their own countries and protecting them from persecution than to allow the people traffickers to profit from this illegal trade, which puts thousands of lives in danger, made worse by the irresponsible media, who do not want the UK to continue to profit from the hard work of those who call Britain a home for the right reasons.

Of course highly emotive pictures are appalling to many, but what about the irresponsibility of the leaders of many families, who put their children at risk for their own benefit, not that of the children?