September 7: The Syria refugee crisis - what has happened to our compassion?

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From: Diana AlSaadi, Billing View, Rawdon, Leeds.

I’M a Yorkshirewoman and I believe I’m one of many compassionate Yorkshire folk.

The sights and sounds we’ve witnessed in the last few days are almost impossible to believe and bear. Yet the situation is real. We must act now to prevent more innocent fellow human beings suffering a fate that is unimaginable. Yorkshire can, should and must come together.

Combined community action can and will prevail if the good citizens of Leeds and West Yorkshire rise to the challenge.

I call on our compassionate politicians to pressure our Government offer places in the UK to the Syrian refugees.

From: Colin and Patsy Stoneman, Hull.

WE usually feel proud to be British. At the moment hearing about refugees being applauded on arrival in Munich, we feel ashamed. The UK Government’s response – trying harder to stop people crossing the Channel, etc – would shame an avowedly racist party.

From: M Sellers, Victoria’s Way, Cottingham.

WHAT has happened to the compassion of year gone by? These refugees need our help, please do the right thing and allow them a chance of life.

From: Peter Stafford, Victoria Grove, Horsforth, Leeds.

IT is high time the poor stopped getting relatively poorer while the rich get richer. That is the root cause of this situation. High time all of us “good” people stopped doing quite so much Bible and Koran-bashing and started actually doing something.

From: Rowena Godfrey, Leeds.

THE horrific scenes we’ve been seeing on our TVs demand action. Please use your voice to place pressure on our Government to help the refugees fleeing into Europe. We are the fourth richest country in the world. We need to offer refuge and hope to all those devastated by wars in the Middle East.

From: Marie Lane, Branton, Doncaster.

WE should be offering sanctuary to Syrian refugees, who are being killed indiscriminately by Assad and Iisis. Those families are trying to get their children away from war zone to a place of safety. Surely if we were in the same situation, we would do the same? Where is the compassion for these Syrian refugees?

Toddlers and their mothers have drowned while trying to reach a place of safety and a helping hand. Please can you ask our local politicians what they are doing to put pressure on the Government into taken more Syrian refugees?

From: Jay Astarte, New Street, Halton, Lancaster.

BRITAIN has a tradition of offering shelter to refugees from war zones, and the current refugee crisis in Europe requires the same generosity.

It is mere chance that we live here in a war-free part of the world. Let’s be grateful, but not complacent. Other human beings are suffering terribly; will we help, or turn away from fear and ignorance?

From: Mrs GA Smith, High Street, Boston Spa, Wetherby.

CONGRATULATIONS to David Cameron for assuaging his moral conscience by now allowing more refugees into the country in contradiction of his previous statements and the wishes of what appears to be a majority of voters, i.e. the poor saps who have to lives with the consequences.

I am sure they, too, have been shocked by the pictures of the poor drowned boy as well as by the thought of the hundreds who have also drowned on their journey, but this has been going on for months: what has changed? Nothing.

We are already overwhelmed by immigrants anyway and playing with semantics that refugees are not immigrants is nonsense.

From: Dai Woosnam, Woodrow Park, Scartho, Grimsby,

WELL over 300,000 Britons have signed a petition to encourage our Government to welcome more and more refugees. Good on them. I am sure it makes their humanitarian hearts feel good. About one per cent would permanently give them their spare bedroom, though.

From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

POOR old David Cameron seems to be getting in the neck from all angles regarding the approach to the immigrant crisis.

It is time we realised, whether we like it or not, that the Conservative Party had a majority at the last General Election and whatever one feels we as a small country seem to be doing our best.

Perhaps Ms Sturgeon, instead of moaning about it all, ought to be taking some of the 800,000 into her wonderful country.

From: Elaine Valentine, Hooton Lane, Sheffield.

WHY is the UK not taking more refugees? It would help if the Press made the distinction clear between asylum seekers (they are not refugees until they are granted asylum) and non asylum immigration. Then maybe the public would not lump legitimate people in need of our protection who are fleeing from the most horrific situations with the influx of other immigration.

From: Jennifer Taylor, Drummond Avenue, Leeds.

EVERYONE was overwhelmed with sorrow at the harrowing photographs of the plight of refugees this week. Let us remember that this picture could be replicated thousands of times; but maybe we need one picture of one little boy like this to underline the human tragedy I hope that Leeds will join in with other cities and towns across England to offer sanctuary to some of these families.

From: Ben Coombs, Lorne Street, York.

RESIDENTS of York want to help refugees because it is the right thing to do.