Sex split as couples go to war over the boiler

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New research shows that 24 per cent of people who co-habit have had a heated debate with their other half about how warm their home should be, according to

The research showed that 12 per cent of couples have argued about their energy bills and eight per cent have already had a fight this year about turning the central heating back on.

Fewer than one in five (17 per cent) said they will keep their homes as warm as they would like to this winter regardless of the cost and 25 per cent are expecting their homes to be cold because they can’t afford to heat them as much as they would like.

The research revealed that seven per cent of couples fight for control of the central heating, and in the “battle of the boiler” it seems that women usually get the upper hand.

Almost a third (31 per cent) of women declare themselves in charge of when the heating goes back on compared with just 22 per cent of men.

While 15 per cent of women don’t think their heating is on enough, one in five (20 per cent) people believe their partner wastes energy.

Women are more likely to override the central heating timer with 16 per cent saying that they often switch the central heating on earlier than it would come on with the timer, compared to just nine per cent of men.

Over a third of couples said they were like chalk and cheese when it comes to heating, with one of them usually being too hot or too cold compared with the other.