"Sheffield children smoke crack and steal from charity boxes:" Fresh allegations against under fire Sheffield MP Jared O'Mara

Under fire Sheffield Labour MP Jared O'Mara has come in for fresh criticism - after claims he announced that city youngsters smoke crack and steal from charity boxes.

Jared O'Mara.

The Sheffield Hallam MP, who is under investigation by Labour for a string of controversial remarks, has already apologised for sexist and homophobic comments posted online 15 years ago.

But the MP, who replaced former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at this year's General Election, is continuing to find himself at the centre of the media spotlight as fresh revelations pour in.

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BuzzFeed reported comments attributed to Mr O'Mara claiming Sheffield children were more interested in drugs and crime than watching television - and that all children's TV presenters were gay.

According to the news site, he posted: "Round are way all the under tens much prefer anti-social behaviour and crack rocks to Dik and Dom.

"They only hang around ASDA to break into the 'guide dogs for the blind' collection statue at the entrance."

"If an adult slapped their legs they'd be up on an assault charge," he added.

O'Mara, who is under increasing pressure over misogynist, homophobic, and racist comments, also claimed that most male children's television presenters were gay in a series of posts made on the DrownedInSound music forum in 2004.

The MP quit the women and equalities select committee on Monday night after historic forum posts were highlighted showing him making homophobic and sexist comments. He has denied separate claims that he called a woman an "ugly bitch" shortly before his election to parliament.

The comments were made on a forum thread discussing whether licking stamps improves your sex drive, which diverted into a discussion of the best children's TV presenters.

O'Mara went on to discuss kids TV presenter Gaz Top, aka Gareth Jones, suggesting men who present children's programmes are likely to be gay.

"He was a 'wacky guy' as all male kiddies TV Presenters (most are gay also)," the future MP wrote.

In reality Jones is in a relationship with the female TV presenter Violet Berlin.

O'Mara also had strong views on other children's TV presenters: "Dik and Dom are complete w****** and should be bludgeoned to death with a blunt otter."

The MP's views on other parts of Sheffield are also less than complimentary. In other thread discussing local kebab shops in the city centre O'Mara said he'd pay a visit but it would involve venturing into the "land of the poncey southern student".

Other remarks attributed to O'Mara include asking pop group Girls Aloud for an orgy, saying that 2003 Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus only won "because she was fat" and that jazz star Jamie Cullum should be "sodomised to death with his own piano."