Sheffield crash: Police chiefs urged to reconsider the way pursuits are mounted

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Police chiefs are being urged to reconsider the way pursuits are mounted following a horror crash which claimed four lives in Sheffield.

Relatives of two of the victims want the police to consider whether there are different ways to carry out police pursuits in residential areas.

The scene of fatal RTC on Main Road, Darnall, which claimed the lives of four people

The scene of fatal RTC on Main Road, Darnall, which claimed the lives of four people

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But Shafqat Mirza, whose 35-year-old nephew, Adnan Ashraf Jarral and his one-year-old great-nephew, Usman Adnan Jarral, died in the Sheffield collision, said it was a ‘very difficult situation’ and his family ‘understand the police point of view as well’.

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Mr Jarral and his son had just arrived back in Sheffield after a day trip to London when the car they were travelling in was struck by a car being chased by the police.

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Family friends Vlasta Dunova, 41 and her husband Miroslav Duna, 50, also died.

Their daughter Nikola Dunova, 22, and her three-year-old daughter, Livia Matova, were injured along with Adnan’s wife, 32-year-old Erica Kroscenova.

The trio remain in hospital this morning.

A black Volkswagen Touran was struck by a black VW Golf on Main Road, Darnall, close to the junction with Bannham Road, at 8.50pm on Friday.

Mr Mirza said: "It is very difficult to find the words, although we have millions of words in our hearts.

"To lose such a young person who was very loving, very caring, very family orientated, very community orientated, it's absolutely devastating for all of us."

Asked about the role of the police in the collision, Mr Mirza said: "Lots of people have come up to us and they have said things, that it was a residential area and it may be that police ought to have laid off and let it go and found some other ways and means of chasing the car, knowing that it was a wet and dangerous road.

"Maybe if police had handled things differently then the accident wouldn't have happened.

"But I can also see a different side of the coin.

"So I'm not wholly blaming the police but, yes, if there are ways and means of doing the chase in a different way then yes definitely the police ought to take that into consideration."

Two men will appear in court today charged in connection to a collision in Darnall, in which four people were killed. 
Elliott Bower, 18, of Harborough Avenue, allegedly the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision, has been charged with four counts of causing death by dangerous driving and three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He is also charged with handling stolen goods and possession of cannabis. 
Declan Bower, 23, also of Harborough Avenue, Manor, has been charged with aggravated vehicle taking and death caused by an accident with aggravated factors.

He is also charged with handing stolen goods, two counts of driving while disqualified, two counts of driving without insurance, possession of a bladed article and possession of cannabis.

A 17-year-old boy arrested over the collision remains in police custody this morning.