Sheffield killer to be sentenced for stabbing friend to death

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A killer who stabbed his friend to death in Sheffield is to be sentenced today.

Michael Andrew Goddard, aged 51, of Steven Close, Chapeltown, was found guilty yesterday of killing his friend and neighbour, Glenn Boardman, after claiming he had disturbed an intruder in his flat.

Michael Goddard

Michael Goddard

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Goddard made a 999 call in the early hours of Tuesday, June 26 and claimed he had found his neighbour unresponsive on the floor of his neighbouring flat as an intruder was trying to escape.

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He claimed he confronted the intruder and sustained a slash wound across his hand as he tried to detain him.

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But detectives who investigated the death found a three mile circular trail of blood through Chapeltown and woodland, leading from Mr Boardman’s flat to Goddard’s.

When CCTV cameras were checked, Goddard was found on footage one hour before he dialled 999 and made his claims about the intruder.

Detective Chief Inspector Simon Palmer said: “The day after Mr Boardman’s body was discovered, the trail of blood, which was forensically identified as being Goddard’s, was found to go through Chapeltown centre to woodland and was estimated to be around three-miles long. 

“CCTV recovered showed Goddard walking along this route over an hour before he rang the emergency services, making the claims regarding the intruder. 

“In the call to police, Goddard said he had seen an unknown man trying to leave the property via an open window. 

“He went on to describe what he had been wearing and said that he had tried to grab the man, who he said had been carrying a knife, and had received a slash wound to his hand in the process as the ‘suspect’ escaped.

“Officers were immediately deployed to the cul-de-sac where both Goddard and Mr Boardman lived and found Mr Boardman on his bedroom floor, with significant knife injuries to his neck and stab wounds to his back.

“Goddard, who was bleeding from his injuries, spoke to officers at the scene and it quickly became apparent that his account had changed and was significantly different to his initial 999 call.

“As neighbours and friends, he and Goddard spent a lot of time together and Mr Boardman trusted Goddard to come and go from his flat most days.

“Goddard took advantage of that trust, stealing from him for over a number of months, before violently attacking Mr Boardman and killing him, for reasons we may never truly understand.”