Sheffield teenager still missing – after nearly three weeks

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A Sheffield teenager is still missing after nearly three weeks.

Pamela Horvathova, aged 16, was reported missing on Christmas Eve.

Pamela Horvathova

Pamela Horvathova

At that time she had not been seen since Friday, December 21, when she was in the Staniforth Road area of Darnall.

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Since then there have been a number of sightings of the teenager but she has not made contact with her family or the police.

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Detectives investigating her disappearance believe that she remains in Sheffield and ‘does not appear to have come to any harm’.

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But until she comes forward to confirm that she is safe and well, she is being treated as a missing person.

The force said: “We believe she is staying with individuals and while she does not appear to have come to any harm, until our officers physically locate Pamela and confirm she is safe and well, we will continue our search to find her.”

Anyone with information on her whereabouts should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.