Sheffield United fan banned from matches after injuring elderly bystander during brawl with Derby County fans in Leeds

A man has been banned from going to football matches for three years after he brawled with rival supporters and injured an elderly bystander at Leeds Station.

Zakaria Khalifa ,18, was part of a group of Sheffield United fans who clashed with rival Derby County supporters at the railway station on October 22, 2016.

British Transport Police said the two groups of fans had begun verbally goading and squaring up to each other when they met on the overbridge at the station.

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The situation quickly escalated and Khalifa punched a Derby fan in the face.

When he tried to avoid the fan’s retaliation, he ran back into a 70-year-old man and hit him hard in the face with the back of his head.

The victim, who was returning home to Leeds from Manchester, suffered facial injuries and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Khalifa, of Greasbro Road, Sheffield, was identified and arrested following extensive enquiries.

He was made subject to a three year football banning order at Leeds Magistrates’ Court on Friday after pleading guilty to assault

Khalifa was also made subject to a six week curfew and ordered to pay £170 in costs.

Detective Inspector Mick Dawes said: “CCTV footage clearly shows Khalifa central to instigating the fight on the overbridge that day.

“During the melee he injured an elderly man who was returning home and passing through the station, leaving him with facial injuries. Not only that but other passengers were left extremely alarmed and distressed by his actions and the completely unacceptable behaviour of other members of the group involved.

“The vast majority of football fans are well-behaved but Khalifa was part of a very small minority who sadly don’t go to matches to enjoy the match but attend with more sinister and dangerous intentions.

“We are committed to protecting the travelling public from this kind of mindless behaviour and would ask that anyone who witnesses it contact us on 0800 405040 or text us on 61016.”