Sheffield woman who admitted stealing presents from victim's car avoids jail

A Sheffield woman who stole a woman's Christmas presents from the boot of her car has been sentenced to a community order.

A Sheffield woman who stole a woman's Christmas presents from the boot of her car has been sentenced to a community order.

Daniella Barton's offending came to light on November 9 last year, after the occupant of a Sheffield property came home to see Barton crouched down in his driveway, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor, David Barnes, told the court how Barton, 31, committed the crimes with her boyfriend, who has already been dealt with by the courts.

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Mr Banes said: "He saw the male at the top of the driveway. He confronted Barton, she said she was lost and started asking for directions. He then saw the couple leave, and push a pram down the street.

"A number of items had been stolen from his father's car. He caught up with the both of them, and detained the male at the scene. When the police arrived they went through the items in the pram, and there were a number of items, It became apparent that a further car had been broken into...the driver's side door had been smashed.

"£520 of items had been taken, and there were references to gift sets and wrapping paper, so the inference is they were Christmas presents."

The court heard how after being arrested Barton attempted to give the police her sister's details, but her true identity was discovered some time later.

The 31-year-old was also brought before the court for spending £20.99 at Asda on a contactless card that had been stolen during a burglary of a property in Chesterfield.

Barton, of Queen Mary Road, Woodthorpe pleaded guilty to charges of theft, obstructing a constable, fraud and breach of a community order at an earlier hearing.

Defending, Becky Jones, told the court that as with much of her offending, Barton's criminality in this case had taken place as a result of the relationship she was in.

"Her previous convictions have been because of people she was in a relationship with, who have caused her to abuse drugs and subjected her to domestic violence," said Ms Jones.

Judge Paul Watson QC said Barton had been through a difficult time over the last four years, and was prepared to give her 'one last chance'.

He sentenced her to an 18 month community order, a condition of which is a 25 day rehabilitation activity requirement.

"It really will be one last chance. You have had four weeks in custody [on remand] and know what's waiting for you if this chance back in my face," Judge Watson told Barton, adding that should she breach the community order the court proceedings would be reserved to him and he would send her 'back to prison'.