Sheffield woman who bared all on Naked Attraction watched the episode with her mum

A Sheffield woman who bared all on Channel 4's Naked Attraction last night has admitted she watched the episode with her mum.

Shelley Offless on Naked Attraction - Credit: Channel 4/Naked Attraction
Shelley Offless on Naked Attraction - Credit: Channel 4/Naked Attraction

Shelley Offless, 27, bravely stood inside one of the six coloured pods on the show as tattoo artist Jennafer tried to pick her perfect woman.

Although it wasn't meant to be for the pair, Shelley said she loved the experience and has always been a big fan of the show.

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She said: "I was on a night out in Manchester for a friends birthday. Two of the Channel 4 executives were getting people to put their name down for it.

"They were talking about the show and asked and asked if anyone wanted to put their name down.

"My friends are all in relationships so I put my name down but I never for one minute thought that I would get on it.

"The whole experience was incredibly nerve racking but I had a fantastic day out. I would definitely do it again."

Despite the seemingly intimidating experience of stripping down on television, Shelley said her laid-back personality helped her through it.

The show aired on Channel 4 on Thursday night and Shelley invited ten of her friends round to watch it play out, including her mum.

She said: "It wasn't difficult at all to watch it with her. I told her I was putting my name down for it. She was skeptical at first but then she said, do what you want, you're 27 now.

"I'm just a very laid back person and will try anything once. I just thought that I'm going to enjoy the experience and see what happens.

"I'm a massvie fan of the show, all the girls get together and watch it and have done from the first episode. I never thought I would get through and if I'm honest I didn't want to be booted off on the first round.

"But now I can always say I was on and I was gone."