Shipley MP makes case for Government to shrink in line with cull of MPs

Philip Davies MP
Philip Davies MP
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A YORKSHIRE MP has claimed it would be an “outrage” if the Government does not shrink in line with proposals to cut the number of MPs.

Shipley MP Philip Davies warned the Government would find it easier to “control” the Commons unless the number of MPs holding ministerial jobs was also reduced.

Plans are being drawn up tp cut the number of constituencies, and therefore MPs, by 50.

The Boundary Commission is due to publish its initial proposals for changes to constituencies on Tuesday.

It is intended that the new constituences will be contested at the 2020 General Election.

Mr Davies said: “We have the situation whereby the Government propose to reduce the number of MPs by 50 but not to reduce the number of Ministers by an equal proportion, thereby giving the Government more control over the House of Commons.

“That is clearly an outrage, and surely it is something that needs to be considered.”

The proposed changes will both reduce the number of constituencies and equalise the number of voters in each constituency.

Next week’s intial proposals will be the subject of a consultation with the final plans due to be published late next year.

Based on 2015 figures as many as 20 Yorkshire constituencies could be judged to have too few voters and be at risk of being merged.

The changes are expected to favour the Conservatives and Labour have called for the process to be reviewed.

Critics have argued the review needs to include the thousands of people who registered to vote in the referendum on membership of the European Union.