Shock as escaped turtles are spotted wandering a Leeds street

Passers-by were 'shell' shocked when they spotted a trio of turtles walking in convoy down a Leeds street.

One of the rescued turtles recovering from its ordeal
One of the rescued turtles recovering from its ordeal

Worried witnesses contacted the RSPCA when they found the escaped terrapin and two musk turtles on Wesley Terrace in Bramley last Friday.

A quick-thinking member of the public brought a washing-up bowl filled with water for the amphibious threesome while a wildlife officer headed for the scene.

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Unfortunately, the reptiles' owners have not been traced, and the RSPCA fears the exotic pets may have been abandoned.

Animal collection officer Faebian Vann said:

“We don't know how they got out here as they should be kept in a large, warm tank or pond. Terrapins are sometimes found in outdoor ponds, having been dumped by their owners. Wherever they were, they obviously decided to take themselves for a wander. They were all fine health-wise - just very lost and far from home!”

Turtles and terrapins need to be cared for in an environment that mimics their natural habitat, and can be difficult to keep as pets. Some species are also subject to strict breeding controls due to the danger posed by non-native species to local wildlife.

If you know where the animals could have come from, contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018.