Shooting rampage victim’s father makes emotional plea for action on gun control

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The father of one of the victims of British-born gunman Elliot Rodger has pleaded with politicians to take action on gun control as the dead were honoured at a memorial service.

Christopher Michael-Martinez was one of six students killed by Rodger during a gun and knife massacre near Santa Barbara, California, last Friday evening.

Mr Martinez’s father Richard begged politicians to do something about the issue as he paid tribute to his son on a day of mourning at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Addressing thousands of mourners, Mr Martinez said: “There haven’t been any leaders on this issue. Yesterday I got a call from a Congressperson to express their condolences for what had happened.

“I told that person I was not interested in a phone call of condolence; that was not acceptable, until they went back to Congress and did something. They have done nothing and that is why Chris died. This situation has gone on far too long, we all know it.”

Mr Martinez was met with a standing ovation as he led the crowd in chants of “not one more”.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown revealed that the three guns found in Rodger’s car were legally bought from licensed firearms dealers and were registered in his name.