Shoppers clash with far-right group

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Police were called to a disturbance which started after a far -right group descended on Sheffield city centre at the weekend.

Eight men from the British Movement, who were handing out leaflets, were confronted by passers-by and other pamphleteers on Fargate.

Police said a “brief confrontation” took place and officers intervened before members of the group left the area.

There were no arrests or reported injuries.

Superintendent Martin Hemingway said: “Local shoppers and people from the various interest groups that are regularly present on Fargate on Saturdays confronted a group of men over the message in the leaflets they were handing out on behalf of the British Movement.

“This became heated and angry words were exchanged. Officers intervened and remained present on Fargate until these men left the area. They were then monitored from a distance until they left the city by train.”

He thanked members of the public for their “positive” response to police requests.