Shot in the foot over a dialect

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From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham, East Yorkshire.

I WAS just completing the mucking out of a stable when, from a distance of about 20 yards a man, whom I did not recognise, alerted me with the following statement: “I’ve come to shoet’hoss.” I turned round, somewhat bewildered, and replied – “which horse?”

“Don’t know” came the response at which I was immediately confused, as despite accommodating several elderly horses owned by different clients, was not aware of any so sufficiently ill to the currently awaiting execution.

When I walked over to the man requesting my answer I realised, at once, he was a farrier who’d just arrived “to shoe a horse”.

This experience has surely taught me to try and better understand the fairly broad East Yorkshire accent!

Southern desolation

From: Les Wilkie, Mill Street, Hutton, Driffield.

MAY I propose that fracking be trialled in the desolate reaches of South Kensington?

Back to the county?

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Shipley, West Yorkshire.

IF all five metropolitan districts in West Yorkshire are due to combine to make a super council, why can it not be West Yorkshire (Yorkshire Post, July 29)?

Surely it is far more democratic and much less ominous than a so called “Leeds City Region”.