Sick of safety
Brake on cars

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From: A Wilson, Golcar Brow Road, Meltham, Holmfirth.

AS a road user with more than 40 years experience of driving most types of vehicle from bicycles to heavy goods, I am sick and tired of the anti-car rhetoric and propaganda from the “safety charity” Brake.

Their one theme agenda appears to be to reduce all road traffic to a standstill. Not only the obsession with speed cameras, but now 20mph zones, using the emotive statistics of pedestrian (particularly children) and now cyclist deaths to bring in more anti-car legislation.

Were it not so serious, the use of cyclist deaths in this would be laughable. To think that a rider can get on a bike, with no training, insurance or safety gear, and yet Brake still blames motorists for the escalation in these deaths.

This, to me, demonstrates the biased, blinkered and ill-informed view of this campaign group.

Simple answer to sport rivals

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

WITH reference to the letter from JR Renshaw of Bradford (Yorkshire Post, August 23) referring to the claims made by Stephen Regan about the lack of Yorkshire teams in the Premier League and pointing out that there are five clubs in the Premier League from Lancashire this season (Yorkshire Post, August 15), none is confirmation perhaps of the old saying “soccer is a simple game for simple minds”.

It reminds me of my father’s advice (he was a Desert Rat with the Eighth Army in World War II) to “keep life simple, life is too short”.