Signs of lacking business sense

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From: Peter Edwards, Owston Hall Hotel, Owston, Askern, Doncaster.

I SYMPATHISE with the owner of The Old Mill at Langtoft who is denied the opportunity to promote her rural business – but no doubt not denied the requirement to pay hefty business rates.

I have a similar situation in South Yorkshire where Doncaster Council made it a legal requirement that I develop a hotel and conference centre if I was also to have a golf course.

The 60-bedroom Owston Hall Hotel is “inland” and cannot be seen from the A19 only 200 metres away. The council solution – diminutive brown signs, one of which is pointing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. We too have been required to take down a quality directional sign and potential customers are getting lost and missing us every day.

It really is time that the tourism board lobbied the planners to take a balanced commercial approach to appropriate signage.

Mrs Daft goes South

From: Debbie Davies, Hartlington Court, Baildon, Shipley.

I WAS amused by your correspondent Ian McMillan’s comments (Yorkshire Post, August 16).

Mrs Daft was my English teacher in the 1980s at Impington Village College in Cambridgeshire! She was a lovely teacher but it always struck me that if she was teaching in the South she would be Mrs Daft and if in the North her name would be pronounced Darft. Of course we all delighted in calling her Mrs Darft not Daft and she had a bit of a hard time from us!