Single organisation needed to sort out railways

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From: Peter R Hyde, Driffield, East Yorkshire.

I REFER to David Wragg’s article (Yorkshire Post, May 30) concerning the railway system.

On a recent journey from Edinburgh to Berwick-upon-Tweed, I caught the last off-peak train. This train was crowded and there were very few seats available. I am told this train is to be taken out of service.

Why? I have little doubt it is in an effort to make people travel on the peak-time train that follows.

The situation was aggravated by people who took up two seats with their coats and shopping and who showed dissent when asked to move things so that a paying passenger could sit down.

One man even had a cup and plate on the vacant seat tray to give the impression it was someone’s seat.

The whole rail system needs sorting out but this would only be managed by a single organisation running it and no-one wants the Government of the day to do it.

The old LNER and LMS and others managed it well enough before Beeching so what is the problem now?