Sir Bernard was only pundit who saw election result coming

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From: G A Hawcroft, Holme on Spalding Moor

YOUR Editorial (The Yorkshire Post, May 9) ventured “Even the most diehard of Tory activists could not have foreseen a scenario in which Mr Cameron defied political gravity.” Yet your own correspondent, the unforgettable Sir Bernard Ingham had, in fact, foreseen that very thing.

God bless Sir Bernard, he is a wonderful writer, with a unique, “robust” style, but most of all, he is his own man. He has a brain and a pair of ears and he knows how to use them. He is far and away the best The Yorkshire Post has. My guess is that Sir Bernard could see that this election was decided when Ed Miliband won the Labour leadership, he was not just as unelectable as Michael Foot or Neil Kinnock but also tainted by Gordon Brown. Nothing changed in the five years of his leadership, it just got worse.

From: John Watson, Leyburn.

OUR new Government is going to bring in new legislation to fight extremism in our society. Not before time, but the ink is hardly dry before the left-wing liberal groups in the country are opposing any change.

We live in a very tolerant country, as tolerant as anywhere in the world and if people cannot behave responsibly, they deserve to be punished. I hear that about 1,000 of our citizens have gone abroad to join the barbaric Islamic State. My answer to that would be to take away their citizenship and cancel their passports.

Let’s get tough with those who take advantage of our generosity when they make their home here and then turn traitor and join what is probably the most cruel and barbaric bunch of so-called religious bigots that the world has ever seen.

From: JA King, Sheffield.

I FIND it quite ironic when the present Government insist on unions having at least 60 per cent of their membership voting before they can call a strike when the Tories are claiming a mandate with just 37 per cent of votes cast in the general election.

From: JC Penn, Hedon, Hull.

I KNOW we now live in Big Brother’s world of virtual reality, but what is happening politically is absolutely unusual. The Tories have suddenly become the working class party – shirt-sleeves and no ties. The Labour Party is determined to become a party that favours big business.

Both parties are ignorantly forgetting about the state of the planet we all live on.