Sisters sweeping the world with their internet video adventures

Katie and Amy Makin.
Katie and Amy Makin.
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WHEN sisters Katie and Amy Nadin came up with an idea for an internet game, they did not do things by halves.

In fact, their idea for a collaboration video has swept the globe with participants in China, the United States and Canada.

Thousands of people already follow them and their success may even earn them a place in Guinness World Records. Katie, 10, and Amy, eight, of Darfield, Barnsley, already have 15,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and say they are delighted with their success so far.

The concept is simple. They made a brief video and then forwarded it to someone else, a New Zealand family living in China, who added their own brief video, who in turn sent it to someone in Colorado in the United States.

Katie and Amy’s father Matt Nadin, 36, said: “Each person does a brief video – say two minutes or so – and it grows over the months.

“It’s organic so the theme and story changes. The Colorado people are videoing Father Christmas in the Colorado mountains and the people in China videod a family meal.

“Regardless of world records this video will bring many YouTubers and nations together and I feel these young girls need some recognition for that.

“Also one of the UKs largest subscribed YouTubers ‘The Syndicate Project’, is interested in being involved so is likely to become huge.”

He said the girls first became interested in the internet after going on holiday to India, adding: “They have a lot of followers all over the world but particularly in Burma – and we have no idea why.”

They contacted Guinness World Records who said they may consider it for future editions. Amy said: “YouTube is fantastic, not only for the videos, but the sense of community is awesome and we are trying to pull that community closer together.”

Katie and Amy are Facebook.Com/katieandamy and on YouTube at